Cracking Cisco’s Sourcefire licensing system

Free the Kraken!

Cisco’s Sourcefire system is the IDS/IPS solution offered by this company after the acquisition of Sourcefire, including its network anomaly detection engine, Snort. This IPS solution is one of the more powerful systems available on the market. The system is composed mainly by two appliances: The sensor –FirePOWER–, is the IPS itself with Snort, the RNA –Real Network Awareness– engine, nmap, the signature database and all the stuff that makes sense on an IPS. [Read More]

Quick intro to go assembly


There is plenty of assembler in go’s sourcebase, the best examples are on the math/big, runtime and crypto libraries, but beginning from zero with these is a little bit painful, the given examples are running code focused on system operations and performance. This makes that going through this code for learning purposes can be some kinda hard for the unexperienced gopher. This is the reason for this brief article. [Read More]